Seems like it was just yesterday when esports was recognized, accepted and established as sports disciplines making fans to cheer and involve even more. With its style, esports dominated not only hearts of fans, but also a sportsbook market making all its participants adapt and acquire esports as an inevitable long-term strategic course.

Along with this phenomena, esports betting has got the basics of classic betting and brought its own urge of diversity for all imaginable and unimaginable in-game events with fair odds for any possible outcome. Surely the approach that was used by standard bookies is no longer valid within the new audience. So the only way to stay in line with fans and players is to keep on pushing the limits of esports and to be constantly up to date transforming simultaneously.

Things get connected. There are no boundaries within the niche. Each and everyone should cheer and participate in the cause. Now it’s not just a wishful thinking, but a must part of lifestyle within our growing community.

GG Affiliates is a partnership programme of GG.Bet, leading worldwide esports betting platform. Within our team, we brought a diverse mix of professionals. Esports warriors to stay on top of esports native approach for audience attraction. Corporate wizards to make all business processes flow smoothly with maximum efficiency. Together we are constantly working on developing our program for the better experience and profit of our partners and make it relevant to whole new groups of affiliates. To people who are willing to join the esports market.

Taking into consideration the global scale of esports phenomena, we are serious when it comes to an audience reach. Our product is localized within 5 languages, having 24/7 live support team to maintain any incoming inquiry of every player. Payment options are set with priorities according to players geolocation and “highly used” markups. Along with bitcoin and skins-payment availability, we expanded our audience greatly, making our product use more flexible. Easy to navigate, understandable in use, multiplatform localization, makes signup and betting process for desktop or mobile users fast and convenient. As esports disciplines list grow, we are doing our best to keep up with such newcomers. As a result, GG.Bet became the first esports betting platform to provide live odds for a diverse number of in-game events of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds matches. We are working hard to provide our partners audience with the first and only gaming experience as soon as one can be implemented.

GG Affiliates is a dedicated and supportive group of like-minded people within a partnership frame. Open, the honest and fair approach is the way we apply on a daily basis. We know that this is the only way to maximize the efficiency within every second spent on mutual cooperation. And having a truly amazing team of graphic designers, we are all about helping our partners to maintain the promo materials or any other supportive tools.

Esports is our way of thinking, it’s our lifestyle, it is OUR SPORT. We are the part of a new wave that changes the globe and we would like you to join us on this journey. Together we can move this wave as far as our expectations can aspire to.

Mutual partnership.

(And we have few supporting fairies for 24/7 GG Affiliates help)