GG.BET Affiliates Update – June 22th, 2018

*Added a football-themed landing page. Mobile and desktop adaptive;
*Updated some Dota 2 and CS:GO landings with DreamHack logo;
*Added new Dota 2 banners (3 styles);

Some of the previous landings may be temporarily unavailable,
soon the problem will be solved. Statistics will be counted in any case.

Chinese Promo Update

We've uploaded Chinese Dota 2 image banners for Toolbox section.

At the moment, available image sizes: 160x600; 290x720; 300x250; 320x320, 728x90, 800x600.

Tags for search: NEW, Esports, Dota 2, Mars Dota, Major, twitch, cn


If you need another image size, or you have any suggestions to improve the promo materials,
please contact us via Support or mail/skype

Several important updates


To your attention the latest updates on the affiliate platform.

In the Promo section, new Dota 2 & Counter-Strike landing pages were added.
Also, some Landings and banners are available in Portuguese and Swedish.

Germany was removed from the restricted countries list. Now you can freely attract players and convert traffic in this region.
Promo materials in German will be added soon.

For more information or to get help with your promo campaign, please contact us via email (, or Skype (

GG.Bet Affiliates Team