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01/01/2019 Payout day postponed

2018-12-25 15:36:05

Due to the change in the schedule of our financial intermediaries,
Payments from 01.01.2019 (Tuesday) will be postponed to 02.01.2019 (Wednesday).
All transactions made on Tuesday will be put on hold.


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Promo Update - Soccer

2018-12-12 13:39:58

*Added image banners for Soccer
*The same landing page will be added this week.

Details in the description

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GG.BET Affiliates Update – Dec 5th, 2018

2018-12-05 14:17:03

*Added landing pages for Rainbow Six: Siege
*Added image banners for Rainbow Six: Siege
*Added two landing pages for Dota 2


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