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The new sports-themed banners were added last week. You will be able to check them out from the toolbox menu by selecting the appropriate parameters.


Available image sizes: 300x200, 600x300, 728x90, 800x600.

Tags for access from the Promo section: new, sport, en


In addition, we will provide the GG.Bet XML Feed for all esports and sports matches and odds which can be integrated into your website.


We would also like to notify you that the welcome bonus will continue to work. Every new partner will be granted 60% revenue share for the next month.


GG.Bet Affiliates automatically processes all your earnings from the previous calendar week on every Tuesday. Minimum cashout amount is $20.


If you need to change your payment details, please contact our support team by email or Skype ([email protected]).



GG.Bet Affiliates Team

Sports Betting, Overwatch & Hearthstone


GG.Bet is pleased to announce the launch of a new Sports section.

Now our users can place bets on popular sports events in football, tennis, basketball, hockey, and volleyball.

You can access the new section by following this link:



Promo materials for the new section will be added for all partners of GG.Bet Affiliates.


This week in the promo section we’ve added banners for Overwatch League and Hearthstone.

To access new assets, go to and select the appropriate tags.


The Slots section can now be accessed through our mobile application. This also enables you to earn extra income with our mobile app advertising.


For more information or to get any help with your promo campaigns, please contact us via email ([email protected]), or Skype ([email protected]).



GG.Bet Affiliates Team




From the 4th till 28th of January, some major championships will be held:

  • (Dota 2) Captains Draft 4.0: Jan 04 – 07

  • (Dota 2) ESL One Genting 2018: Jan 23 – 28

  • (CS:GO) ELEAGUE Major 2018: Jan 12 – 28


To help maximise your profit during these events GG.Bet Affiliates prepared for you some relevant promo materials.


You can access them from section

  1. click on «Image banners»

  2. on the «Product» step put the checkbox in (REVSHARE), click on «Next»

  3. on the «Format» step chose a size of the banner that you need: 300x250; 729x90; 800x600

  4. in the bottom choose «Captains Draft 4.0» or «ESL One», or «ELEAGUE Major 2018» tag, and click on «Next» button.


In addition, please note that there are new Insta Games and Slot banners in our promo section.

Feel free to check them out.


For more information or to get help with your promo campaign, please contact us via email ([email protected]), or Skype ([email protected]).



GG.Bet Affiliates Team